Live up to your highest potential

Are you feeling low on energy?
Are you struggling with your blood sugar levels?
Are you having difficulty with weight loss?
Are you having trouble sleeping?
Or are you just not in your mood?

Maybe the problem is your nutrition...
And maybe the solution is your nutrition!

About me Why a nutritional therapist?

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About me

I am Yvonne Soriano, a nutritional therapist graduate from The College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM), UK. I am married, with 4 beautiful children and I am based in the Philippines. I offer services for adolescents who need guidance in their health journey and adults who need support for specific health concerns. I can cater to anyone who would like to maximize their health potential with a holistic and personalized approach to nutrition. We can work together to create a diet and lifestyle plan that will help you flourish.

If you are ready to feel empowered and in control of your health, then let us begin!

Book an appointment FREE 15-minute discovery call

How can you benefit from a nutritional therapist?

understand your body and lose weight naturally
learn how to eat based on your body constitution
improve gut health and absorption of nutrients
achieve restorative sleep
find the root cause of your symptoms
boost your physical and mental health
balance your energy levels and achieve your goals
strengthen your immune system and increase resistance to disease
address low mood and hormonal imbalances like perimenopause and PCOS
prevention and management of type 2 diabetes, hyperlipidemia and hyperuricemia
Activate your detoxification pathways with the right diet to promote good health

Together we can work hand in hand to improve your overall well-being.

Service Fees

Individual Sessions

Initial Consultation

PHP 2500
USD 45

Follow-up Consultations

PHP 1200-1500
USD 20-25

  • Rates apply to both online and face to face consultations.
  • P500 or 10$ downpayment needed to confirm face-to-face booking.
  • Full payment needed one day prior to online consultation.


Introductory Package

Initial session with one follow-up session (2 total sessions with 3 months validity)

PHP 3000
USD 55

Positivity Package

Initial session with one follow-up plus 2 sessions (4 total sessions with 6 months)

PHP 5000
USD 90

Committed Packages

A) Initial with one follow-up plus 4 sessions (6 total sessions with 8 months validity)

PHP 7000
USD 125

B) Four follow up sessions only (6 months validity)

PHP 4300
USD 80

EMPOWER yourself to a healthier and happier YOU!